At Perspective Branding we have a strong sense of working, and walking with the community.
This has led to many fundraising ventures and exciting and worthwhile partnerships with like-minded Charities.

We have chosen to align our major support with Kiwanis Australia, a children’s charity that caters for the needs of vulnerable children in our local community, as well as Internationally in countries less fortune than ourselves.  As an offshoot of that support, we also contribute to “The Eliminate Project”; a joint venture with UNICEF to eliminate NeoNatal Tetanus in all countries of the world. .  Just $1.80 can immunize a mother and her unborn children, saving them from this often very painful and murderous disease.

A percentage of our sales go directly to these causes, and we feel privileged to be able to provide this assistance in helping others.


As a further commitment to local communities, we offer a great range of items that can be uniquely designed with your fundraising activities in mind.  We work closely with your committee to ensure the correct message is given, the items are relevant, and the costings are within budget to maximise your fundraising profits.

No matter if you are a school, sporting organisation, community group, or government body; we have the right products and pricing to maximise your fundraising potential.
Contact us today to discuss your ideas for your next event.